About Dr. Laura Maciuika

Here is some background beyond the licenses and degrees, so you know more about how I’d approach working with you on your goals for healing and forward movement in your life.

Maybe it’s because I was born bridging realities, but that’s been an ongoing passion for me. I was raised in a Lithuanian family; we were the only ones who spoke that language in our town. Visiting Lithuania as a child, a student, and later as a psychologist and consultant strengthened my ability to move between world views, expanding my own as I helped others broaden theirs.

Integrating realities continued when I began learning meditation just as I began doctoral work in Human Development and Psychology at Harvard. I researched people’s experiences of deep learning that shake their worldview. In 1993 I began training in eastern approaches to healing the body and mind, the same year I began post-doctoral training in adult psychotherapy. In 1994 I became licensed as a psychologist in Massachusetts and also met my spiritual teacher who is also an international humanitarian, all which deepened my personal path and broadened my professional work.

Along the way I’ve been fortunate to work in companies, community mental health, urban and suburban high schools, in university counseling, psychology and research programs, and with educators and psychologists in the U.S. and abroad. In 2006 I became relicensed in California as a psychologist after a move from the East to West coast, and opened my Tap Into Freedom Integrative Psychotherapy practice.

In serving as a psychologist, consultant and teacher over two decades, I’ve seen that we might try to reason away, positive think away, or simply push away wounds and patterns from the past, but that doesn’t work for long. Real healing and change often don’t happen unless we address more than just our thoughts or hypotheses about the brain’s chemistry.

Both eastern and western sciences, including Integrative Medicine and Quantum Studies, continue to give us evidence of how we process and store our experiences and memories in our tissues, in our body’s overlapping energetic fields and nervous systems. Often our old patterns of thinking and feeling sap our energy, and we become more likely to get physically drained or sick. Over and over I have observed clients with physical problems experience relief as old emotional pain and patterns are shifted and healed.

I often work with two groups of people: those who have never worked in therapy before, and those who have tried various kinds of therapy, often over years, and still feel something is missing, or not working in their lives.

With my breadth of experience and training, I bring a naturally integrative approach, and a commitment to tailoring our work together to best serve you. Through Tap Into Freedom, you can expect to experience positive results in the very areas you may have considered too stuck, or where other therapies and self help approaches may have failed.

I am pleased and honored to offer you the opportunity for greater inner freedom, happiness, and peace of mind. I look forward to hearing from you about your hopes and goals for your own path of healing and growth. Contact me for a complimentary 15 minute phone consult.


  • Licensed Psychologist:  California PSY21143, Massachusetts PSY6640
  • Doctorate, Human Development and Psychology, Harvard University
  • D.CEP (Diplomate, Comprehensive Energy Psychology)
  • EFT Certified, EFT Cert-I, EFT-Intermediate (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • EMDR Trained (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
  • Reiki Master/Teacher, Usui tradition


  • Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • American Holistic Health Association
  • California Psychological Association

Volunteer Activities:

  • Embracing the World (embracingtheworld.org), including the SAVE project empowering women in vocational and life skills training
  • Give an Hour, (giveanhour.org), providing pro bono counseling to military personnel and their families
  • Research Committee member, Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)