Integrative Psychotherapy

Welcome to my Tap Into Freedom psychotherapy and consulting practice.

Here’s what “Integrative Psychotherapy” means in my work:

1) I trained in both developmental psychology and clinical psychology during my doctoral work at Harvard University, which took more time, but made sense to me in terms of serving people more completely. We are developing, changing human beings, and I bring knowledge and experience about human change, growth and healing from both perspectives.

2) During that training and over 20 years of experience in western psychology, I also trained and had experience in eastern psychology and wisdom traditions. Those tend to be more holistic, including the natural inter-relationship between our thoughts and feelings and their effects on the body, immune system, mood, and beliefs. Much of western clinical psychology tends to focus on the thoughts or the intellect, but as both science and my experience have shown me, it’s challenging to have lasting relief and actual change through greater understanding alone. We can’t heal most old patterns or wounding just through the intellect.

I bring this integrative, holistic approach to our work together. We create a plan together based on your desired goals and results. This might focus on easing present-day transitions and challenges to move forward with more ease and energy, or on shifting old patterns so you live your life more fully and with greater meaning and peace.

I often work with adults in professional transition, with people experiencing anxiety and stress, and with people who have a history of recent or older trauma. I specialize in supporting healing and success for those who have been frustrated by months or years in therapy before, and for those are walking into a consultation for the very first time.

With over twenty years of experience, I am committed to our creating a plan that creates results for you and your goals. I tend to have a direct, engaged approach with people (no blank slate “uh-huh” here), and use practical tools and frameworks that promote healing and relief. My clients consistently experience shifts and successes with challenges they believed might never go away. Many had worked for years elsewhere in more traditional therapy or body work before finally experiencing the relief and results they desired.

When you experience of greater inner freedom, then new directions, abilities, and choices appear that may not have seemed possible before. Your basic inner strength and wholeness can come forward in new ways, unhindered by old, hidden patterns.

If you would like to learn more about Integrative Psychotherapy, feel free to email or call. I offer a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation: 925-735-1673 or 510-910-4617.